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Track painting machine

Track painting machines for motorsports circuits

Airspray track painting machines use a low-pressure air-assisted painting system. They are easy to use, with reduced maintenance time and costs, and are indispensable for the application of refractive paints (i.e. paints premixed with glass beads), paints with high anti-skid particle sizes and paints homologated according to the FIA standard. They are equipped with a [...]

4.0 kit for marking machines

Kit 4.0 - interconnection and remote management module

the 4.0 kit for line marking machines is the new interface that allows the machine to be monitored minute by minute. this new system is equipped with a GPS and GSM antenna that allows the machine to be permanently connected to the network and to exchange information with the user's dedicated portal. through the portal it is possible to: know the machine's [...]


New U12- Latest 4-wheeler generation

Here is the latest 4-wheeler to join the CMC catalogue: U12. A versatile 4-wheeler that can be configured with different marking systems: ailress, airpsray or cold plastic structure and bars. Equipped with : - Kubota's powerful 50 horsepower turbo diesel engine that complies with the latest and strict regulations regarding the levels of [...]