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4.0 kit for marking machines

Kit 4.0 - interconnection and remote management module

The 4.0 kit for tracking machines is the new interface that allows minute-by-minute monitoring of the machine.

this new system is equipped with a GPS and GSM antenna that allows the machine to be permanently connected to the network and exchange information with the user portal.

through the portal is possible:

  • know the real-time position of the machine.
  • the status of the machine, whether it is switched on, the speed, the battery charge status.
  • give commands by issuing the lock/unlock start command. Useful in case of theft or emergency.
  • send work orders (ODL), which are shown on the machine's display, making them available to the operator.
  • download and have work reports automatically delivered to their inbox.

In addition to the practical functions, which will help the operator in carrying out his work, it will be possible to access the tax deductions provided by the Italian state and Industri 4.0.

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kit 4.0