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New U12- Latest 4-wheeler generation

Here is the latest four-wheeler to join the CMC catalogue: U12.

4 wheels Versatile, configurable with different marking systems: ailress, airpsray or cold plastic structure and bars. Equipped with :

- powerful engine 50 hp Kubota turbo diesel which complies with the latest stringent regulations regarding emission levels EPA/CARB Tier4 + EU Stage V.

- piston air compressor up to 1390 L/min

- hydraulic system that enables the machine to overcome slopes up to 30% and feeds an ultra-high-performance airless pump that can deliver up to 33 l/min of paint at 200 bar pressure.

The negative hydraulic brakes have been improved and supplemented with an additional drum brake system, so that operator safety always comes first.

The entire operator station, i.e. the seat, steering wheel and controls, can be moved to the right or left of the machine for side line marking operations. In this way the operator is positioned exactly on the line marking itself.

As a distinguishing feature of the tracing machines CMC with an operator on board, the centre mark between the front wheels is maintained to run the centreline, with limited obstruction on the road.

Front visibility has been increased by removing any obstacle between the road and the operator.

The dashboards have been improved to make the operator's daily use more intuitive and quicker: a colour display allows minute-by-minute monitoring of the engine's service status, temperatures, pressures, working hours and necessary maintenance. The engine speed throttle is electronic and allows control of the power output with a simple touch.

The new electronic device C9000 allows you to control the marking system, up to three independent paint guns with related electronically delayed perliners by entering the gap in centimetres. Stores up to 10 programmes can be quickly recalled, during marking, by means of special quick selectors, without the need to stop the drive

A series of sensors monitors: the amount of paint dispensed by the pump, the average line thickness applied every 250 m.. The total number of metres applied is broken down for each gun. Everything is stored in the C9000 archive and with a USB stick, data can be downloaded and reported in Excel format on a PC.

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