iten via Padre Paolo Meroni 20, Albavilla
Tel: +39 031 619 650
iten via Padre Paolo Meroni 20, Albavilla
Tel: +39 031 619 650


Airless push machine or with Hydraulic Motorized Chariot, with diaphragm pump

A best seller of our production is AR30PRO: cheap, compact and light. This striping unit ensures very high performance: it can hold a 0,031” nozzle and can spray 1-component traffic paints at high speed. It is impossible to find an alternative to such a small and powerful striper. AR30PRO is more powerful than all the small stripers with piston pump in the market!

SPRAYABLE PAINTS: monocomponent not refractive paints (=without premixed glass beads) solvent based or waterborne paints, paints with specific formulation for airless machines. Solvent based or waterborne epoxy paints. Polyurethane paints.
RECOMMENDED FOR: markings on concrete surfaces, for jobs requiring extreme handling in small spaces. For small road marking jobs, parking lots, sports fields, cycle lanes. Jobs involving frequent colour changes. Ideal for working with electric motor (optional): in a few minutes it is possible a quick replacement of gasoline engine with electric motor (and vice versa).

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Weight 110 kg
Dimensions 162 × 65 × 100 cm

Max line width

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