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Track painting machine

Track painting machines for motorsports circuits

Airspray track painting machines use a low-pressure air-assisted painting system.
They are easy to use, with reduced maintenance time and costs, and are indispensable for the application of refractive paints (i.e. paints premixed with glass beads), paints with high anti-skid particle sizes and paints homologated according to the FIA standard.

They are equipped with a compressor that supplies the air needed to operate the machine’s main controls, pressurize the paint, the solvent and beads tank (max pressure = 6 bar), and atomise the paint coming out of the nozzle.



The great advantage of airspray machines is that they can apply a wide variety of coatings:

paint homolagted according to the FIA stantard, recommended for track painting motorbike and car racing circuits and cycle tracks, with high antiskid particle sizes.

– reflective, with pre-mixed beads (usually at 20% or 30%)

– alkyd or acrylic without beads

– water based paint

The wide variety of paints that can be applied is made possible by the large nozzle size of the air spray guns (3.5 mm up to 10 mm), which allows paints with high particle sizes to be sprayed smoothly, even poor quality paints. In contrast, an airless machine only applies specially formulated fine paints.

If equipped with a disc unit, the airspary machine achieves a definition of the strip edges that is superior to airless.

The maintenance costs of an airspray machine are very low: apart from periodically changing the gun seals, all that is needed is good care and cleaning of the motor and compressor.

Using the machine is very simple and intuitive, 3 settings and you start working immediately: paint pressure, air pressure, gun height.



In our catalogue there are a big variety of models:

  • Handpushed machine, 40 litres paint
  • Self propelled machine from 50 litres to 120 litres paint
  • Man on board four wheel machines up to 500 litres paint

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