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Airspray line striper

Airspray tracing machines use a low-pressure air-assisted painting system.
They are easy to use, with reduced maintenance time and costs, and are indispensable for the application of refractive paints (i.e. paints premixed with glass beads) and paints with high anti-skid particle sizes.
They are equipped with a compressor that supplies the air needed to operate the machine's main controls, pressurise the paint, thinner and bead tanks (max pressure = 6 bar), and atomise the paint coming out of the nozzle.


The great advantage of airspray machines is that they can apply a wide variety of coatings:
- reflective, with pre-mixed beads (usually at 20% or 30%)
- alkyd or acrylic without beads
- to water
- two-components to be premixed manually (taking care to clean the tanks within the prescribed time)
- with high antiskid particle sizes, recommended for motorbike and car racing circuits and cycle tracks.

The wide variety of paints that can be applied is made possible by the large nozzle size of the air spray guns (3.5 mm up to 10 mm), which allows paints with high particle sizes to be sprayed smoothly, even poor quality paints. In contrast, an airless machine only applies specially formulated fine paints.

If equipped with a disc unit, the airspary machine achieves a definition of the strip edges that is superior to airless and equal to that achieved by marking the edges with tape beforehand!

The maintenance costs of an airspray machine are very low: apart from periodically changing the gun seals, all that is needed is good care and cleaning of the motor and compressor.

Using the machine is very simple and intuitive, 3 settings and you start working immediately: paint pressure, air pressure, gun height.

Airspray hand pushed or hydraulic chariot

The lack of hydraulic traction and small dimensions make these machines ideal for jobs where extreme manoeuvrability and the ability to make very tight turns is required (such as applications within companies). They are machines designed for small jobs (such as car parks, cycle paths and sports fields) and jobs where painting surfaces with a hand gun is required (such as pedestrian walkways and stop lines).

To increase productivity during the execution of linear metres, it is possible to equip the line markers with HMC, a trolley with hydraulic traction.

3-wheel airspray with variable hydraulic drive

They are the machines of choice for professionals.

The variable displacement pump drive provides indisputable advantages for both operator safety and machine performance.

The added safety is provided by convenient and easy-to-use traction control controls.

These track markers are unbeatable on slopes: the variable displacement pump allows the machine to gradually overcome considerable gradients (even more than the 30%!), avoiding dangerous machine jerks. The advantage is invaluable in day-to-day operations of loading and unloading of the lines from vehicles. During uphill work, the advance control controls are not hardened, allowing speed changes to be made safely and easily.

Even a beginner immediately perceives the advantages of the high performance of these trackers and can drive a machine weighing over 400 kg without fear!

Airless line striper

Airless machines use a high-pressure (max. 230 bar) airless painting system. They are equipped with an airless pump that sucks paint directly from the original drum or from a purpose-built tank, which does not need to be pressurised.


The main advantage of airless technology is the total elimination of overspray, i.e. the dispersion of paint particles due to air distribution. This means that almost all of the suctioned product is applied to the surface without waste. Airless machines are recommended for applications where high strip definition is required, such as on concrete surfaces, where it is very easy to notice inaccuracies.

Airless machines are equipped with guns with nozzles with very small passages (in the micron range), so only specially formulated paints should be used.
Airless paints must not be refractive and must not contain any grit (anti-skid or otherwise). They must necessarily be of high quality. Paint defects are immediately perceived by the machine. For example, a varnish with inadequately ground pigment causes a lack of homogeneity in the film (such as 2 blank edges at the strip edge). An unrefined paint quickly clogs the filters and blocks the machine.

Maintenance is more demanding than with an airspray machine: at the end of each use it is recommended to completely clean the airless pump, as well as the gun, thus requiring more solvent and time. In addition, gaskets and seals of the airless pumps need to be changed periodically.

Some of our airless machines can also be equipped for the application of cold spray plastic. This product, based on reactive methacrylic resins (MMA), is known for its high wear resistance properties and is particularly enhanced by airless application, which allows the creation of a very homogeneous film facilitating the adhesion of the post-sprayed beads.

When using two-component epoxy, polyurethane and cold plastic spray paints, tankless airless machines offer the great advantage of being able to vacuum the paint directly from the original drum, eliminating the inconvenience of having to clean the tank at the end of the job.

Airless hand pushed or hydraulic chariot

These machines are designed for jobs where extreme manoeuvrability and the ability to perform very tight turns are required (such as car parks, cycle paths and sports fields), characteristics guaranteed by the lack of hydraulic traction and small dimensions. In order to increase productivity when executing linear metres, it is possible to equip some line markers with HMC, a trolley with hydraulic traction.

They are perfect for frequent colour changes and two-component paint applications thanks to the paint draining directly from the original can.

Diaphragm pump line markers are economical, easy to use and maintain. Piston pump line markers are recommended for applying products with a higher viscosity.

Airless 2C - 2 Colours or 2 Components

The 2C (2 COLOURS) tracing machines are equipped with 2 independent paint circuits to be able to apply 2 colours simultaneously. Equipped with the appropriate options, they can use the 2 paint circuits for cold plastic spray application.
Cold spray plastic is a solvent-free 2-component product based on reactive methacrylic resins (MMA), known for its high wear resistance. The use of cold spray plastic 1:1 requires the pre-mixing of one of the 2 components (A or B depending on the manufacturer) with a third component, the catalyst component.

These machines are set up to apply the product in a 1:1 ratio (i.e. to spray the 2 components in the same quantity), and can be equipped for external mixing or internal mixing.

External mixing, known as 'spray in spray', is a simple, quick-to-use and easy-to-maintain method: the 2 components meet only after they have been sprayed, causing the spray trajectories of the 2 guns to cross.

In internal mixing, on the other hand, the 2 components meet in a static mixer and are sprayed already mixed by a single gun. This results in a better mixing of the components, but more care is required in the use and maintenance of the machine: once spraying is finished, it is essential to immediately clean the mixer, hose and gun to prevent the product from catalysing inside the spraying system. The machines with internal mixing are equipped with a special supplementary washing circuit so that the cleaning operation can be carried out quickly.

Airless 3-wheeler with variable displacement hydraulic drive and compressor

They are versatile machines, specially designed to adapt to a wide variety of jobs. Compared to a push machine, hydraulic traction allows optimisation of travel time and a constant feed rate that is essential for applying an even more homogeneous film of paint. The high performance of efficiency and speed is complemented by the compactness and manoeuvrability of a medium-sized 3-wheel machine.

These airless tracers clearly stand out on the international scene due to the type of hydraulic drive adopted and the presence of an air compressor, providing unparalleled advantages.
The hydraulic traction with variable displacement pump and 2 hydraulic wheel motors makes these machines unbeatable on hillsides: considerable gradients (even beyond the 30%!) are gradually overcome without dangerous machine jerks, and the traction control controls are not hardened, allowing speed changes to be made safely and easily. Everyday loading and unloading of track markers from vehicles is easier, faster and safer. Even a beginner immediately perceives the advantages of the high performance of these trackers and can drive a machine weighing over 400 kg without fear.
The compressor provides the air needed for:
-operating the machine's pneumatic controls, which are more precise and faster than manual wire controls
-put any bead reservoirs under pressure, which ensures a constant flow of beads and better penetration of beads into the paint film
-supply distribution air to bead guns, which allow beads with diameters up to 1400 microns to be applied.
In order to be able to make a strip that complies with the European directive EN 1436, the compressor is not an optional extra, it is indispensable!

Diaphragm pump line markers are economical, easy to use and maintain. Plunger pump line markers are recommended for applying products with high viscosity or where high flow rates are required to make strips at higher speeds or wide widths.

Manned 4-wheel marking machine

These are machines with an operator on board. The 4-wheel design provides more stability and greater visibility on the road. The large tank capacities make them optimal for long-distance work where paint and bead autonomy is essential.

CMC has designed its extremely compact and narrow 4-wheelers so that they take up as little road space as possible and are easily overtaken by motorists (placing the guns in the centre of the wheels takes up less space than a 3-wheeler with the guns on the side!).

These are machines with mechanical steering on the front wheels, except for the L250SN (airspray tracer). This machine was specially designed with central steering to be able to draw lines even on hairpin bends, without running the risk of stepping on them with the rear wheels.
The larger four-wheelers are perfect for airport work, thanks to the possibility of fitting a kit that allows a 90cm strip to be drawn in one go, and they can also be approved for road traffic off-site.

cold plastic marking machine

These are specific tracings, which can be used with only one product, the cold plastic casting: a solvent-free, two-component, reactive methacrylic resin (MMA) based product, formulated by cold extrusion. One of the 2 components is in a pasty liquid state (about 2 kg/dm3), while the other is in powder form. Their catalysis ratio varies from 100:1 to 100:3 depending on the manufacturer.

The product can be applied with a smooth effect (high-thickness smooth strip), with a textured effect (high-thickness dripped strip) or with a barred effect (high-thickness variable-profile smooth strip with bars).